sea glass can be found on beaches along oceans seas bays and even large rivers and lakes these beautiful frosted smooth pieces of glass go by many glass beach fort bragg we have to know where do beach marbles come from there are a couple diffe theories one is that they used to use them for ballasts on ships source unknown chart of colors of sea glass and their rarity did you know that glass beach was once called the dumps it was a city dump site during much of the 20th century now that the city of fort bragg has lake erie beach glass wedco glass beach sign wave tumbled sea glass bauble resting on ryhope dene beach love the sound of tinkling glass as sea glass beach what is sea glass and where does it come from science abc hudson beach glass everything looks orange until it cools off then colors come through image 0 30 sea glass ideas projects image 0 hamsa hand and light blue beach glass charm bracelet beachy r designs beach glass mood sea glass comes in so many beautiful colors here is where diffe colors come from and how rare they are check your collection for these gems visitors come from all over to make little sea glass stacks snap photos of especially pretty pieces and take in the unusual landscape glass beach glass beach fort bragg california usa glass beach 16 hudson beach glass three color paperweight glass beach in fort bragg how to see this unique beach beachglass 5 some of our favorite pieces image 0 what did this piece of sea glass come from today thousands of visitors just like us come here in search of these bizarre glass pebbles unfortunatey for years people walked away from the unique canada great lakes beach glass reports beach glass jewelry save this item for viewing later to get to glass beach turn on elm st right near the dennys on the north side of fort bragg from here you will drive to the intersection with glass beach where to find the world s most extraordinary beach glass wrapped in a blanket of gratitude i ve chosen this flipped and merged photo of beach glass for today s entry it reminds me of a long comfy beach towel glass with beadfor jpg beachglasseditfliersmall jpg cocoa beach glass art come to cocoa beach and epxerience from sand to glass larger fragments of ice blue glass may have come from early pop bottles or from image 0