to make this view more user friendly move day order date to the pages shelf and use the associated control to flip through the pages one for each day a graphic depicting a quantitative axis and column headers in a view filters shelf a graphic depicting a filter applied to the market segment field marks card jump to a specific page additional shelves legends cards and controls note you can override the default selection and use any mark type that provides insight into your data however you should exercise some caution when types of shelves types types of shelves in tableau types of shelves adding a dimension to any of the following locations in tableau affects the level of detail in tableau desktop shelf and a measure on the rows shelf each line represents the s for a product the lines have been stacked so that they do not overlap you can also use the map mark type when you are plotting two measures against each other by default placing measures on both the rows and columns shelves this is similar to blending axes except that tableau uses separate value ranges one on the left of the view and one on the right to make the lines align notice how the header names removed the aggregation label by default you may want to include the aggregations or call it total profit and total s the bar mark type is selected when there is a dimension and a measure as inner fields on rows and columns shelves separate marks in the view by dimension members if the mark type was set to automatic tableau would display the data using a shape that is an open circle the pages shelf enables you to flip through members of a field changing and animating when you choose side by side circles from show me when there are multiple measures in the view tableau adds measure valueeasure names when you drag a date field from the data pane to the filters shelf in tableau desktop the following filter field dialog box appears type of shelves floor type combination shelf rack 4 layers bathroom living room storage kitchen storage the field is automatically added to the filters shelf if it is not already being filtered and a filter card appears in the view in tableau desktop in tableau desktop while dragging fields you can hover over the diffe areas in the view to see how the field will be incorporated into the structure types of shelves bathroom a laundry shelving types of shelves in tableau types of shelves when measure values is in the view tableau creates a measure values card outlined in red below that lists the measures in the data source with their in the drop down for that filter on the filters shelf this option lets you decide when a table calculation filter should be applied to totals if the include keyword had been used in the level of detail expression instead of fixed the values would be diffe for each state because tableau would tableau use separate legends on measure values marks types of shelf types of shelves understanding the types of types of shelves in tableau types types of shelf type of shelves storage cabinet stainless steel by world type in shelves in tableau types of shelves style types of cube shelves bookcases storage options types of shelves in tableau types of shelves i e on all shelves and the marks card except for filters here s what happens we bring all the fields in this data set into the view as dimensions drag and drop from calculation editor then write the expression in the columns shelf as shown in the following screenshot it produces the following view which includes both the dimensions in source tableau com tableau parameter for measure choices tableau desktop tableau public and tableau all offer data visual creation and choice depends upon the type of work tableau basic sorting adding after state in tableau types of shelves bookshelf lighting ideas fabulous wall book shelves types to choose for your room types of shelves now i need to drag a measure number of records which tableau creates automatically to the rows shelf what is tableau data blending 19 boxplot middle sum of s by state in tableau creating lod expressions tableau lod edureka