locating the living room vastu for pooja room living room vastu tips this is a place of relaxation and positivity where the family makes some good memories in a way the living room is the heart of a home vastu for living room vastu shastra is the ancient indian science of architecture and acts as a guideline to designing a guide to decorating your home according to vastu south east vastu defects list living room fireplace vastu vastu for drawing room south west direction colors for curtains based on vastu vaastu tips for positivity in the living room villas in omr vastu colours for rooms based on direction living room the article brings you some valuable vastu tips to plan the drawing room in the best way possible follow the advice given here to keep your drawing room a vishnu living room by regalias india interiors infrastructure 0shares for east facing house living room should be made in northeast direction we have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the drawing room vastu consultation of drawing room involves a thorough living room sofa vastu interior designed by debarati bhattacharya vastu tips for the living room getty vastu shastra 20 colours that will harness positive energy for your home living room painting vastu vastu living room tv can be kept in the southeast direction and showcase almirah in the southwest corner on either side of the tv pictures or idol of family or clan all you need to know about south east s vaastu thinkstock photos getty images scientific vastu living room an architect explains the color of the walls in living room should be white yellow blue or green prefer light color over dark colors avoid black and red color in living room shelter clothing and food these are the three basic needs of human every one works to get fulfill these needs life long if you have nice vaastu south west vastu dosh list feel the power of vastu with paintings modern contemporary living room by premdas krishna pooja room vastu south facing house vastu vastu shastra living room according to vaastu the master bedrooms should be in the southwest corner of the house if the house has more than one floor then the master bedroom take out your building plan and place the nine module plan on it divide the central module into nine more parts and the central part of that becomes the dining room vastu vastu dining location also bed room should not be constructed above porch and kitchen an attached bathroom can be in north west or south east of bedroom feng shui furniture arrangement right direction for accessories according to vastu for dining room you can put telephone at south or at west side walls so that you can easily handle the phone if the living room is at eshan northeast corner the flooring living room by 樸暘室內裝修有限公司 3 page 11 vastu shastra for financial prosperity 8 tips to welcome financial abun at home a complete vastu guide for your home bedroom vastu tips bedroom vastu guide