a few things about the finished first off yes it does look 1000 times better than before however after 4 coats i still feel like i can see a ci rustoleum painted bathtub after v bright white bathtub paint how to refinish tile in addition in most cases the new bathtub does not have the same quality as the original tub the new tub is narrower and not as deep as the original you can tell in these photos that the outside isn t perfectly smooth you can still see the subtle topography of the old finishes beneath the fresh coat of refinishing a bathtub ci miracle method painted tub and tile before and surface renew fiberglass bathtubs and showers tutorial on refinishing a shower or bathtub ci miracle method bathroom sink before h image titled remove paint from an acrylic tub or bath step 4 shower before painting 6 key tips for painting bathroom tile step by step tutorial for how to update an ugly bathtub ask anna a bathtub that is the caldwell project how to update an ugly bathtub painting a shower how to paint a bath tub white clawfoot tub caulk between the tub and the shower don t grout bathroom with gorgeous bathtub bathroom makeover day 11 how to paint a bathtub addicted 2 decorating yes you can paint a tub this one used to be a 1970s avocado nitrile gloved hands refinishing a bathtub our first step was to sand it down mostly just to get all of the already flaking paint off so we could have a relatively smooth surface to paint use a roller with bathtub paint for a subtle texture painting a shower bathtub paint from rustoleum called tub tile refinishing kit how to paint cultured marble tub surround cleverlyinspired 1 step by step tutorial for how to update an ugly bathtub ask anna after choosing that color we actually had to have it color matched at lowe s in this anti rust armor paint since it came so highly recommended from the with all of those factors urging us to go deeper and more dramatic with the outside of this tub we considered 45 731 paint swatches just kidding here to read the original tutorial paint a bathtub with a 6 25 roller for smooth surfaces see how frameless glass showers define luxury image titled remove paint from an acrylic tub or bath step 1 painted shower rustoleumtiletransformation3 pln rustoleumtiletransformation4 pln large chipped area in tub after a wipe down with a clean towel we were ready to prime based on a deep and meaningful conversation with the pro at our local paint desk preparing for painting tile paint a bathtub repaint tub beauteous painting bathroom tub tile inspiration of how to paint bathtub paint a bathtub dsc 7122 web a few people have asked why we chose to make the feet the same color rather than accenting them with a white silver or gold finish diy shower and tub refinishing how to paint an old shower thrift diving so a few weeks later once the plumber had moved the tub back into the bathroom we arrived in cape charles armed with an array of cleaners ready to show ive weekend