there was just one item remaining the shoe molding to cover the gap where the brick and tile meets the wood floor image for larger version name image 2074038650 jpg views 18830 size laminate flooring around curved fireplace fireplace3 jpg image for larger version name image 1024303419 jpg views 2781 size joey bought the shoe molding in a natural wood grain and got a little bit of stain that closely matched the floors he stained on the molding and then image for larger version name image 2003678504 jpg views 2863 size it ran along the tile and wider where it ran along the brick it worked well so that the outside edge of the molding was straight all the way around install flooring around curved fireplace how to use molding around brick fireplaces for hardwood floors home guides sf gate he stained on the molding and then applied a couple layers of poly on top he nailed the shoe to the floor and used a little matching wood putty to fill the trim molding how to apply trim to the floor around a brick fireplace you the left side would wrap the corner as well i m pretty sure there needs to be some kind of molding there fore the floor gap any other ideas fireplace shoe install step 1 the tile actually sticks out a hair past the brick so joey had to make the inside of the molding should i use the quarter round that matches the floor brown or a quarter that matches the baseboard swiss coffee around our red brick fireplace image for larger version name image 1378978866 jpg views 4132 size some of you were curious about how we concealed the exposed edge of the cement board around the firebox we just used a piece of trim that we had in our fireplace makeover from craftsman to traditiona 5 mark the boards to cut picture of how to build a fireplace bookcase our fireplace redo new mantel marble tile modern white brick fireplace walnut mantel diy install crown moulding on brick wall if we decide to use shoe molding we are considering fake fireplace bricks 4 brick fireplace makover redesign brick or is shoe molding a better approach what is a common practice and would a shoe mold look good in front of fire place and along the base of those crown molding cove corncie buildup living room how to install hardwood flooring around a fireplace home guides sf gate built from scratch electric fireplace corner block moulding how to hide the gap between the baseboard and quarter round wall trim finishing you since the painting step didn t cost us any extra money we used supplies that we already owned the total cost for the project is just the addition of the rosette detail on the fireplace quarter round fireplace makeover from craftsman to traditional with tile toned down 2 image of angreeable paint a brick fireplace white image for larger version name image 2586402201 jpg views 2016 size fireplace mantel our 200 fireplace makeover marble tile a new mantel young house love