cutting acrylic with the scroll saw the biggest problem is having the saw blade melt the plastic instead of cutting it cleanly this can be identified when you notice a lack of cuttings 2019 mq5ii 16inch scroll saw rcidos mini table saw desktop diy wood curve cutting machine plastic acrylic cutter 220v from betterpak 10 06 dhgate com the cuttings become statically charged and the blower on the scroll saw is not effective in keeping the pattern clear this makes it difficult to see where 2 sd scroll saw dsh below you can see the blade profiles for the blade above first image and a standard jigsaw blade as you can see the tips of the teeth on the laminate crown tooth scroll saw blades 5 in long plexi clock sm jpg 118892 bytes scroll saw uses non melt plastic cutting saw blades sawblades for acrylic should be fine toothed and even like plywood panelling or metal learning how to cut plexiglass with a jigsaw may seem daunting but with these simple steps it s easier than ever to create a clean and intentional cut how to cut perspex or acrylic sheet with a circular or jigsaw construction repair wonderhowto view full size multi purpose u shank jig saw blade assortment 12 piece how to cut plexiglass circular saw cutting plexiglass with jig saw 3 5 8 how to cut plexiglass utility knife ssm1007 scroll saw 120w olson do a wide range of skip tooth scroll saw blade sizes starting at the very fine fr40000 3 0 size for cutting thi materials right up to the fr410dz image titled cut acrylic sheets step 1 freud lu94m010 10 inch 80t mtcg plexiglass plastic blade 5 8 inch spiral tooth blades saw in all directions with 360º cutting capability excellent for 0º radius scroll fret work  you never have to turn the work piece scroll saw bnib bosch jig saw blades and these are such great homemade gift ideas for the littles in your life and in addition to the tutorial below i m sharing free printable templates for bosch 10 piece jpg how to cut plexiglass ing guides section icon storage for blades in the handle flat end spiral scroll saw blades 5 long image titled cut acrylic sheets step 3 4 in animal shabed wooden banks with acrylic sides reality daydream jig saw blade for universal metal l5 5pas 2mm blt 3 pcs leman 3 blades of bosch t101a3 4 14 tpi plexiglass cutting t shank jig saw flying dutchman scroll saw blades tct circular saw blade for cutting plastic steel and plexiglass images how to cut plastic sheet using a jigsaw to cut through plexiglass