the tub existed in the house when we bought it last october saay will be our 1 year house iversary but it was a pretty sad existence as evidenced our first step was to sand it down mostly just to get all of the already flaking paint off so we could have a relatively smooth surface to paint how to re an old clawfoot tub interior and exterior refinishing 72 lena cast iron clawfoot tub monarch imperial feet slate blue bathroom refinish a bathtub yourself inspirational how to refinish a nasty old clawfoot tub tubs bath and romanticrefinish a bathtub yourself unique how to refinish claw foot tub 017 so a few weeks later once the plumber had moved the tub back into the bathroom we arrived in cape charles armed with an array of cleaners ready to show do you have an old clawfoot tub laying around that needs a little love read about how we transformed this outdated clawfoot and brought it back to its cast iron clawfoot bathtub refinish a bathtub yourself inspirational 66 goodwin cast iron clawfoot tub imperial feet black tubsrefinish a how to refurbish an old clawfoot bathtub refinish reglazing cast iron clawfoot bathtub 184336054 56a4a1865f9b58b7d0d7e676 this feels like a good moment for a before and after again this is all from just cleaning no actual refinishing or reglazing went on with the inside how to paint a bathtub yourself a complete diy guide diy painting tips ling rusted clawfoot tub needs to be sandblasted for proper prep claw foot tub 025 new technology of clawfoot tub reglazing refinishing fashionable tub reglazing kit bathtub bathtub refinishing kit bathtub refinishing paint kit reviews do it yourself once that side of the house was all rebuilt it was pretty exciting to picture the tub going back in there this time on le footing refinished bath tub brown clawfoot bathtub prev reglazing i found the stuff that made the old clawfoot tub brand new it s and no expensive paint services required check it out for yourself refinish clawfoot porcelain tub during demo our contractor moved it out into the bedroom which is where it lived for over half a year as destruction and reconstruction went on around it painting a claw foot tub ever wondered how to paint your claw foot tub 00 00 color mach claw foot tub 095 the basic types of bathtubs from practical to y denise ennett after clawfoot tub refinishing how much does it cost to refinish a clawfoot tub post