the decorative braid is sliding away from this persian rug the fringe is unraveling and senneh rug that has been ed by a sewing machine to add side cords and older rugs tend to have short fringe because it s worn off before and after fringe repair secured fringe hand knotted rug fringes some of the tassels have torn at the knots this can happen with high traffic 0 fringe has torn at the knotted cotton tassel points due to foot traffic sometimes it a fine kashan rug being given new fringes fringe repair kashan rug fringe at front severe fringe damage this cotton is rotten from past hydrogen peroxide bleaching and the tassels how to clean the fringe on oriental rugs a red oriental rug after repair worn rug fringe before and after images of fringe replacement on oriental rug back of a persian rug hand woven silk fringe repair we suggest taking your rug into a rug dealer to get the fringe trimmed i know it sounds ridiculously easy but you may be surprised at how difficult it can oriental rugs image orientalrugsalon candidate for shorter fringe handmade vs machine made rugs bright white fringe we love it and we it oriental rug fringe brochure signed rugs oriental rugs details about silk persian rugs hand knotted fringes 8x11 green sarouk 5x7 traditional rug 2x8 9 7 x 13 2 mashad persian rug persian pile rug detail let s talk about rug fringe authentic persian rug a third option is not as popular and is not necessarily recommended by us this method involves binding the fringe with the same surging method that is used 2 no knot cream 9 8 x 12 8 mashad persian rug changes in handmade oriental rug colour this fringe was cut shorter by the client but the knots of the rug are psw an oriental rug with damaged fringes before repair rug fringe repair silk rug details about silk persian rugs 8x10 hand knotted fringes 5x8 traditional rug 2x8 runner antique persian senneh rug with silk highlights and fringes for