by learning the meanings of persian rug patterns you will be able to read a rug and understand what the weaver tells us the names of persian rug gul motif turkman rug with gul motif red fl design tabriz rug antique oriental rug patterns a beautiful designs pattern names the guide carpet repair patterned geometric identification isfahan rugs meanings of colors in persian rugs the oriental rug guide indigo indigofera tinctoria persian or oriental what s the difference in fine rugs a traditional design mashhad persian rug agra rug antique oriental khorassan rug persian pile rug detail keshan carpet handmade in the city of keshan and its surroundings in central iran some of our tabriz rugs persian tree of life design rug nazmiyal regarding the design of persian rugs it is worth knowing that the types of this particular rug bear the name of the villages where the rugs were initially a beautiful and durable carpet fits everywhere the picture above shows a hamadan carpet sometimes borders awkwardly interrupt the pattern many of the repeated patterns has names such as boteh gul in turkoman carpets herati or fish design the names of persian rug patterns are derived from the city village or tribe where particular patterns were first woven or traded more persian rug motifs chinese rug persian design design symifs in persian rugs view image of credit houston museum of fine arts area rug inventory signed rugs oriental rugs persian rug designs a silk poetic celebration of life rug designs pattern names rugs oriental rug tibetan khaden with designs from the early part of the 20th century showing the greater elaboration and wider color range from this period oriental rugs the palmette as decoration in persian oriental rug design nw rugs antique persian baluch tribe rug 9 at sotheby s london s arts of the ic world auction on october 7 2009 this safavid silk wool and metal thread prayer rug was estimated at using a persian rug on wall to wall carpet persian rug style names persian rug pattern beautiful pattern rug persian rug pattern names name of rug rug id 141 chinese silk oriental rug antique oriental mashad rug persian and turkish oriental rug designs and patterns persian rug pattern awesome persian rug designs rugs carpet laying oriental rug pattern colors oriental rug persian rug pattern persian rug pattern x persian rug designs traditional patterns part 2 types of rugs persian rug things to consider before i purchase an oriental rug