how to clean a dirty tub quickly how to clean bathtub or just a magic eraser might do the trick if your tub isn t too dirty and if you don t mind a few minutes of elbow grease it s what we use on ours 90 vinegar and baking soda the fastest way to clean a dirty bathtub grimy tub cleaned with bar keepers friend view in gallery clean bathtub with a gleam view in gallery before you begin cleaning it s important to understand what kind of tub you have so you can select the appropriate cleaner harsh chemicals and abrasives before the bottom of the tub is dirty and dingy before after bathtub cleaning if there s one cleaning task i used to put off the most it was definitely cleaning the tub and shower it felt like it took forever clean very dirty ugly bathroom basin sink fast with vinegar in a green way cleaning dirty shower and bathroom tiles with mould view in gallery non slip surface cleaning from retro renovation hydrogen peroxide can come in handy while cleaning kitchen and bathroom and can serve as a great nontoxic alternative to chemical bleaches this method to clean bathroom tiles is 100 times more potent than ammonia image titled clean a porcelain tub step 2 old tub with yellow stains cleaning the bathtub tried and twisted myth or miracle cleaner series clean your bath tub with vinegar clean your shower with gentle household s amazing trick for cleaning your grout using two things you probably have in your kitchen right uploaded 3 years ago how to clean a stained bathtub a while ago i brought shame upon my family by publicly admitting we have tub stains and then showing you a picture of them shameful but ok your bathroom floor is stained brown from limescale and dirt so how do you get it off how to clean whirlpool tub jets deep clean the shower how to properly clean an acrylic bathtub image titled clean tough stains from a bathtub step 11 homemade shower cleaner how to wash bathroom rugs