ruger 5033 redhawk stainless single double 357 magnum 2 75 8 hardwood stainles 741 00 ruger redhawk revolver right angle shooting the new ruger redhawk 357 magnum ruger redhawk revolver ruger redhawk revolver grip ruger redhawk revolver 357 magnum there isn t much you can t get done with a 357 magnum during my border patrol days i never felt poorly armed while carrying one and saw them take down ruger redhawk 357 magnum revolver on target eight rounds gw 1707 redhawk 12 1024x682 ruger s newest redhawk is an 8 round 357 magnum that is comfortable accurate mountain a compact concealable hand chambered in a caliber sufficient to provide emergency defense against large aggressive animals or people ruger redhawk 357 magnum revolver 2 75 stainless steel barrel 8 round capacity hardwood grip upgrade ruger redhawks get sleeve shroud barrels to improve accuracy the firearm blog ruger redhawk 357 mag 2 75 double action revolver stainless w wood grips display model ruger redhawk 357 magnum revolver with holster the ruger redhawk has a retion as one of the toughest double action revolvers ever made while normally chambered in larger calibers such as 41 magnum in a recent article i took a look at the massive and powerful ruger super redhawk alaskan 454 casull but i got some response that the big wheel wasn t super redhawk 44 mag stainless revolver ruger redhawk mono grip with finger grooves the eight chambers of the new 357 magnum ruger redhawk are visible in this photo ruger redhawk 357 magnum revolver on ammo bed ruger super redhawk alaskan stainless 454 casull 2 5 inch 6rd ruger redhawk round elk panel grips ruger super redhawk ruger 44 magnum redhawk talo special 2 5 8 inch round stainless kodiak ruger redhawk ruger redhawk 357 magnum revolver with ammo the big redhawk frame allows 8 shots in 357 held together neatly with a full moon clip with the right load you could accomplish any job you needed to additional images to enlarge redhawk ruger redhawk 4in sp jpg march 2016 ruger redhawk rugerredhawk45c 45acp1 ruger new mdel super blackhawk 44 mag 4 american man new ruger revolvers super redhawk in 10 mm auto and more ruger redhawk 357 mag 8 round revolver back in stock ruger redhawk 357 magnum revolver closeup specifications ruger redhawk the ruger redhawk 45 acp 45 colt model uses specially designed full moon clips available from ruger for use with 45 acp loads 5 shot 45 colt redhawk with a 6 1 4 in colt anaconda barrel